Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adjusting to our new life.

So now that I have the kids some what content(well actually this is my 6th time trying to write this) I finally have time to let everyone know what has been going on in the Rubio household over the past 4 weeks. Well on March 5th the new addition to the family arrived. Her name is Elena. I was induced on March 4th and after a lot of hard work she made her entrance. She was born at 8:55am weighing 8 lbs 4 oz. She is so beautiful! She is totally different then her brother. She loves to be held and would not sleep in the hospital unless she was held. Good this I was nursing her so she just stayed with me unless Grandma or Auntie Sarah was there to fight over her. My sister always won! She still does not sleep very well in her crib or bassinet but sleeps wonderfully in her swing or in someones arms. We'll have to brake her of that before I go back to work. I am trying to get more good pic's of her but unless she is asleep she is always making crazy faces.

Joaquin was a bit unsure of her at first but got over it pretty quick and is a wonderful big brother. He has so much energy he keeps me very busy. I thought I was going to get so much accomplished while on maternity leave and I am so tired sometimes all I can do is keep up with feedings, diaper changes and cleaning up after them (mostly Joaquin). I was excited to have a nice clean house that was in order all the time and it is not at all. I must admit that when the are sleeping or Joaquin is content watching TV for a while I am usually taking time to relax before it gets interrupted by crying or Joaquin wanting me to fix this train track that he is always taking apart after about 10 good minutes of him playing with it. I love these little one's and am so happy that I would not change a thing.
A few weeks ago Daniel and I took Joaquin to the air show at Luke Air Force Base. We had tons of fun. Daddy took Joaquin inside of the helicopters and airplanes. He loved it, maybe Joaquin will be a pilot.

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