Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adjusting to our new life.

So now that I have the kids some what content(well actually this is my 6th time trying to write this) I finally have time to let everyone know what has been going on in the Rubio household over the past 4 weeks. Well on March 5th the new addition to the family arrived. Her name is Elena. I was induced on March 4th and after a lot of hard work she made her entrance. She was born at 8:55am weighing 8 lbs 4 oz. She is so beautiful! She is totally different then her brother. She loves to be held and would not sleep in the hospital unless she was held. Good this I was nursing her so she just stayed with me unless Grandma or Auntie Sarah was there to fight over her. My sister always won! She still does not sleep very well in her crib or bassinet but sleeps wonderfully in her swing or in someones arms. We'll have to brake her of that before I go back to work. I am trying to get more good pic's of her but unless she is asleep she is always making crazy faces.

Joaquin was a bit unsure of her at first but got over it pretty quick and is a wonderful big brother. He has so much energy he keeps me very busy. I thought I was going to get so much accomplished while on maternity leave and I am so tired sometimes all I can do is keep up with feedings, diaper changes and cleaning up after them (mostly Joaquin). I was excited to have a nice clean house that was in order all the time and it is not at all. I must admit that when the are sleeping or Joaquin is content watching TV for a while I am usually taking time to relax before it gets interrupted by crying or Joaquin wanting me to fix this train track that he is always taking apart after about 10 good minutes of him playing with it. I love these little one's and am so happy that I would not change a thing.
A few weeks ago Daniel and I took Joaquin to the air show at Luke Air Force Base. We had tons of fun. Daddy took Joaquin inside of the helicopters and airplanes. He loved it, maybe Joaquin will be a pilot.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Cardinals!!!!!

Wow, two days in a row. I am on a roll :) So I thought I should post more pics of the hubby! So here we go. So as you know my hubby is a Recruiter in the US Army. Not by choice but it got us home for a few years! The pic below is him at one of the Cardinals games. This was the game they played at home for Monday Night Football. He is wearing his Dress Blues because he along with serveral other service members presented the Flag during the National Anthem. Then got to stay to enjoy the game! Isn't he so handsome!!! Hehe

Here he is with one of his buddies, Cyle. He has been fortunate to be invited to many of the home games and was even more fortunate to be invited to attend the SuperBowl with Cyle when his parents got picked in the lottery for tickets. So this weekend they will be making the trip to Florida to watch the SuperBowl live!! I am so excited for him. GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Elena's Nursery

Now that the big day is getting closer we finally got Elena's room finished up! Well first we had to make sure the big brother-to-be's room was all set up first, then the Holidays came and I still need to pick out her bedding. I was planning to make it myself but realized being pregnant and having a two-year old it was not going to happen. So I fell in love with this cute pink and brown elephant bedding.

Then the came the time to pick out the paint. That is probably the worst part. There are so many shades for brown. *pause, having a contraction* So we finally picked one out and once I started painting it on the wall I was so worried that it was going to be way to pink but by the time we finished we were very happy with the color. It makes the room feel very warm.

Since I was not able to make the bedding myself I added a few personal touches to her room. I painted the picture above the dresser which took about two weeks. I had to repaint it because the original color was more peach then pink so I had to fix it. Then I also painted the letters for her name above the bed. It was all made to match the bedding!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Joaquin relaxing in his big boy room! He love coming in here and playing with all his toys and watching TV. This is one of his favorite places... now if I can only get him to sleep here. Someday we will :)

Fun at the Farm!

So about a week ago I took Joaquin to Shamrock Farms. While where there we saw hundreds of cows. Joaquin had so much fun! After our tour we got to have milk and donuts YUM! When we started our tour at about 11 am there were already 13 baby cows born that morning and my the time we had finished there were 3 more!

Dinner Time

So, Joaquin's absolute favorite meal is Spaghetti! This is also just about the only thing that I craved to eat while I was pregnant with him. Pasta is the only thing that I can make that I know he will devour and maybe even ask for seconds! So to get him to eat peas I have to put them in his spaghetti :) He only gets to eat his favorite meal on bath nights because I know there will be a huge mess. As you can see in the pic no need for forks for this meal...well he starts out with one until he figures out that it is much quicker to just dig in with his hands and face. I guess what ever helps get his peas in that little body of his. Oops, one little pea just missed getting stuck in his nose...Yikes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mommy and Joaquin after bathtime.